Reports and Articles

Peace Corps Report:Women in Development (WID) and Gender and Development (GAD), 2010 – report on activities, committees, trainings, challenges, and promising practices in various sectors and PC posts around the world.

Global Gender Gap Report 2013, World Economic Forum

Maternidad en la ninez 2013, UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)

Unsafe and Harassed in Public Places: A national street harassment report, Stop Street Harassment (SSH)

Because I am a Girl, The state of the world’s girls 2010. Digital and Urban Frontiers: Girls in a changingLandscape, PLAN

Sex, condoms, gender roles, andHIV transmission knowledge among adolescents in León Nicaragua: Implicationsfor HIV prevention, 2007

Ley No. 779, Ley integral contra la violencia hacia la mujer

Challenging Machismo: Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health with Nicaraguan Men, Oxfam 2000

Estudio Nacional sobre Conocimientos, Actitudes y Prácticas acerca de la Igualdad de Género y los Derechos Sexuales y Derechos Reproductivos, Fondo de Equidad de Genero y Derechos Sexuales, 2011


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