Patriarchy Overload: Ways to unwind as a feminist when the machista world gets you down

Lately the patriarchy has seemed even more inescapable than ever. It’s not just the catcalls, rigid gender norms in my community, the sexualization of young girls here, there’s also the near daily unveiling of a new Harvey Weinstein, ridiculous comments … Continue reading Patriarchy Overload: Ways to unwind as a feminist when the machista world gets you down

“It’s On Us”

… to stop sexual assault … to recognize that non-consensual sex is sexual assault … to identify situations in which sexual assault may occur … to intervene in situations where consent has not or cannot be given … to create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Peace Corps is aligning its efforts with the national campaign launched by the White House: IT’S ON US. The campaign encourages everyone to make a personal commitment to step up and prevent sexual assault. Visit the website to learn more, sign the pledge, … Continue reading “It’s On Us”

NGOs In Nicaragua

Here’s a short list of various NGOs working across Nicaragua in all kinds of topics related to human rights, gender equality, and living a life of quality sin violencia. Check it out—there may be some near you that you didn’t know about! PLAN Nicaragua: Focus: salud sexual y reproductiva, educación inclusiva, salud materna, VIH/SIDA Locations: Somoto, Chinandega, Juigalpa, Puerto Cabezas Pro-familia Focus: planificación familiar, servicios médicos, consejería, salud sexual Locations: Managua, Masaya, Rivas, Chinandega, San Pedro del Norte, Boaco, Juigalpa, Matagalpa, Jinotega, Estelí, Somoto, Ocotál, Jalapa Instituto de Promoción Humana, INPRHU Focus: trata de personas, cursos técnicos, u otros programas dirigidos al    mejoramiento de la condiciones … Continue reading NGOs In Nicaragua

Resource: Camp in a Box

Although it may be hard to believe now, summer vacations aren’t far away for class in Nicaragua. If you’re wondering what kind of project you can do to fill the often empty month of January, check out the Camp in a Box. These resources were compiled by Peace Corps to guide and support volunteers looking to do all kinds of camps in their communities – environmental education, HIV, gender equality, life skills, TEFL and more! Click here to see and download the Camp in a Box folder.  Continue reading Resource: Camp in a Box

Resource Overview: Teaching English to Prevent HIV Manual

Education is a key to preventing the spread of HIV and reducing stigma and discrimination against those who are living with the virus. Teach English to Prevent HIV: A Teacher’s Manual is designed to enable PCVs to teach English while also providing students a safe space to learn about HIV/AIDS and develop life skills that reduce their vulnerability to infection. The curriculum focuses primarily, though not exclusively, on speaking and listening skills and aims to achieve a measurable impact on students’ knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, intentions, and behaviors. 
Props to the HIV-AIDS Taskforce for sharing this information in their monthly update!

Program Design:

This manual is designed for school-based programs targeting students ages 13–16 with an intermediate level of English language proficiency, but could be adapted for an intermediate community class, a group of college students studying English or even a class with English teachers.
Most lessons last one hour, except lessons 10 and 11 which require project work and more time; however, all lessons could easily be extended to an hour and a half with more time for review and language reinforcement activities.

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Resource – Volunteerism Action Guide

Service-Learning and Volunteerism may have become common fare for high school-ers, college students, and adults in the United States, but bringing these ideas and practices into our work in Nicaragua can be a powerful way to empower adult or youth groups in site. A service activity can bring together a group of teachers, or health workers, or members of a specific neighborhood—depending on community needs and your connections.

As part of its V2 Volunteerism initiative, Peace Corps has published a “Volunteerism Action Guide: Multiplying the Power of Service.” According to an article on the Peace Corps website…

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