About Mi Momento

The GOF + GAD Partnership

In 2015, Global Orphan Foundation (GOF) was introduced to Camp GLOW through the GAD Nicaragua blog.  GOF was blown away by the curriculum and incredible dedication GAD has to the youth of Nicaragua.  However, Camp GLOW was only reaching girls living in a traditional family setting. Knowing the many challenges all young women face, GOF became determined to extend the opportunity of GLOW to girls living in orphanages.

In Nicaragua, the prevalent culture of machismo has a powerful influence in the cycle of sexual violence, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and the general inferiority of women. These issues greatly contribute to the cycle of poverty, which devastates communities throughout the country. Both GAD Nicaragua and GOF are committed to battling poverty through female empowerment and gender equality. We believe, when all people are empowered to reach their full potential, a community has the best opportunity for growth. 

GOF and GAD connected, brainstormed, adapted the GLOW curriculum to specifically suite girls living in orphanages in Nicaragua and before we knew it, a sister camp to GLOW was born!

Campamento Mi Momento

Campamento Mi Momento (Camp My Moment) aims to bring together young women from orphanages across Nicaragua to encourage future-planning focused on leadership and healthy decision making. The program includes team building activities, lessons, discussion sessions and fun excursions designed to foster a sense of self-worth and empowerment. All activities are designed to teach respect, responsibility, volunteerism, civic participation, and leadership in a context of gender equality.

During the 5-day camp, participants ages 12-17 learn about the following topics:

  • self-esteem building
  • assertive communication
  • goal setting
  • sexual reproductive health
  • gender equality
  • healthy relationships
  • leadership skills
  • healthy decision making