Why We Need to Kill the Phrase “This Doesn’t Happen to Men”

Recently, as I was on my way back from teaching in the elementary school I walked past a small humble house with a gathering of local women. Culturally, we were taught to greet everyone we pass with a courteous “adios” accompanied with a wave and nod. This day the women responded with an adios as well, but theirs was accompanied by the sounds of kissing and shouts of “mi amor” with a sort of howling. I was uncomfortable and shaken, as anyone would be with this unwanted and unwarranted attention, so I turned and told them “no me hablen así” … Continue reading Why We Need to Kill the Phrase “This Doesn’t Happen to Men”

Interview with a CHACA Participant

¿Por qué crees que Campamento CHACA es importante para chavalos en Nicaragua? Para mí, es importante porque nos han enseñado a valorarnos y respetarnos tales como somos. Campamento CHACA nos enseña cómo manejar el autoestima positiva de una manera sana. Why do you believe Camp CHACA is important for boys in Nicaragua? For me, it is important because it has taught us to value and respect ourselves just as we are. Camp CHACA teaches us how to manage positive self-esteem in a healthy way. ¿Cuál fue tu charla favorita durante Campamento CHACA? ¿Por qué? A mí me gustó “Sexo, Género … Continue reading Interview with a CHACA Participant