Here on the GAD resource page, we’re constantly adding manuals, presentations, reports and more that can support YOU in your endeavors in site. To make your searching more efficient, we’ve organized resources into the following categories that you can find in the dropdown menu under “Resource”…

  • Section 1 is all about Salud Sexual y Reproductiva (SSR).
  • Next comes HIV/AIDS specific resources. Although most all the SSR manuals include a chapter or two covering HIV/AIDS and STI transmission, the programs in Section 2 dig deeper into the topic.
  • Section 3 focuses on resources specifically dealing with Violence. 
  • Section 4 covers resources for working specifically with Men and Boys.
  • Section 5 is all about Peace Corps published materials, including the Camp in a Box folder. 
  • Section 6 is a listing of resources PCVs have used on Other Projects in their sites (a literacy course at the casa maternal and a community bank with women, for example).
  • Section 7 has a few Reports on Gender for further reading and information gathering.
  • Lastly, there’s a yearly calendar including commemorative days and holidays you can refer to when planning projects in site

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