Who We Are

The GAD committee consists of 12 members ideally representing all sectors of Peace Corps Nicaragua. If you’re interested in joining the team or want to know more about some of the projects and interests of different GAD members – we’re just a phone call, text, blog message, or e-mail away!

Current Members:

Brynn MillerEntrepreneurship Ed. 69 / Carazo
Women’s rights and empowerment, youth gender education and empowerment, youth leadership, individualism and street harassment implications

Lindsay Simpson, Health 69 / Nueva Segovia
Gender equity and health, youth empowerment, sexual reproductive health stigma reduction

Nico Stubler, Entrepreneurship Ed. 69 / Madríz
Environmental justice, animal liberation, social and societal equity

Kate Crowley, Environment 68 / Granada
Rethinking gender norms and the ways they limit all people

Rani Kumar, Environment 68 / Chontales
Gender and racial equity, environmental justice, youth empowerment

Daniela Pulido, English Ed. 68 / Jinotega
Nicaraguan literature and feminism, empowering girls and education girls, street harassment and service 

Kylie VanderMeulen, English Ed. 68 / Masaya
Women and girls empowerment, educating men about street harassment 

Natividad Zavala, English Ed. 68 / Chinandega
Youth leadership and development, empowering girls to continue their education, developing consciousness among young men about gender inequity

Maura Magistrali, Health 67 / Carazo
Youth camp planning, sexual reproductive health education, and women’s health & wellness.

Christina Nevistic, Health 67 / Esteli / committee co-chair
Women’s rights to sexual and reproductive health, youth leadership development, teacher trainings, and dismantling gender roles.  

Karen Perez-Torres, Entrepreneurship Ed. 67 / Chinandega
Youth camp planning, teacher trainings, women in sports, and equality in the classroom.

Jessica Barnett, English Ed. 66 /  Madríz, Esteli
Blogging, teacher training, LGBTQ Ally, and anti-bullying.



Past Members: 


Kelsey Schrenk, English Ed. 66 / Lindsay Slautterback, Environmental Ed. 66  / Laura Linde, Environmental Ed. 66 / CJ Sanchez, Environmental Ed. 66 /Lindsay Nason, Entrepreneurship Ed. 65Justine LaVoye, Health 65  / Elizabeth Hannah, Health 65Emily Allen Nilsen, English Ed. 64 / Ethan Parsons, Health 65/ Manda LaPorte, Environmental Ed. 64 / Char J. Stoever, English Ed. 64 / Kimberly Scott, English Ed. 64 / Tim Kruth, Health 63 / Ania Giffin, Health 63 / Jessica Way, Entrepreneurship Ed. 63 / Rachel Ganz, Health 63 / Emily Ryan, English Ed. 62 / Nadia Soto, English Ed. 62 / Morgan Twamley, English Ed. 62 / Ilana Hipshman, Health 61 / Isabel Hirsch, Health 61 / Jennifer Reynoso, Health 61 / Monica Paulson, Health 61 / Alba Adams, English Ed. 60 / James Younger, Health 58 /Talia Langman, MCH 58 / Cassie Collier, Small Business 56 / Noelle London, Small Business 56 / Kate Kongs, MCH 55 / Gabe Goffman, Health 55 / Angie Kantner, Health 55 / Hanna Useem, MCH 55 / Alison Etheridge, Environment 54

Are you a past GAD Nicaragua Member?  Submit your information to be displayed here.


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