Counterpart relations across genders: Volunteers speak

You asked, we investigated! Some volunteers wanted to hear suggestions or advice for working with counterparts of the opposite sex. We polled current volunteers from all sectors and here’s how volunteers responded in their own words…  … Males PCVs with Female CPs … “I always hear comments or chisme about how I’m dating the profeI work with. When it’s kids from class I tell them that we just work together, but when it’s adults making jokes I laugh it off.” “I made a point to get to know my profes’ husbands and families. And also just co-plan at times and … Continue reading Counterpart relations across genders: Volunteers speak

NGO Highlight: Pro-Mujer

According to their website Pro-Mujer is “una organización de desarrollo de la mujer que proporciona a las mujeres de bajos recursos de América Latina los medios para generarse el sustento y labrar de un futuro para sus familias a través de las microfinanzas, la capacitación en negocios y el apoyo en salud.”

As mentioned in the description, Pro-Mujer focuses on three fundamental pillars: micro-credit, workshops, and health. Concentrating on different areas of certain departments, Pro-Mujer works with groups of 10-15 socios (only 1 of which can be a male in each group) between the ages of 18 to 65 to have monthly meetings where the women receive or make loan payments and participate in workshops. These workshops are often topics of small business management, but can also be about healthy lifestyles, VIH/SIDA, etc.

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Piropos in the classroom… what do you do?

Even if it the words weren’t aimed directly towards us, we’ve all heard piropos. Cat calls… Hola mi amor. Chelita bonita. Regálame un beso, mwah! Preciosa. Mírame con esos ojos gatos. Oooh baby. Dame su número. The tone of voice, the leering stares, the kisses and mocking laughter—it’s enough to make your skin crawl right off your body and into a cleansing bleach bath. It’s one thing when piropos come from truck drivers or intoxicated men on the street, but on school grounds, or in the classroom… what do you do?
Volunteers from around the country sound off on how they responded to piropos in the education environment…

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Harvard Business School Gender experiment

Check out this NYTimes article about the ‘gender experiment’ Harvard Business School carried out with their class of 2013 students. From classroom participation and grades to tenured professors to social rituals and dating, the campaign manifested itself across campus, with varying degrees of acceptance and success…  . “Harvard Business School Case Study: Gender Equity” Jodi Kantor Continue reading Harvard Business School Gender experiment