Eight Last Minute Things YOU Can Do to Recognize International Women’s Day – March 8th

International Women’s Day is this Wednesday but it’s not too late to celebrate!

For Peace Corps Nicaragua Volunteers, RPCVs, or anyone else, it’s not too late to plan an activity for International Women’s Day this Wednesday the eighth! International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Often, the day is recognized, but the meaning of the day is overlooked. Here are eight ideas for how you can recognize March 8.
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1. Promote respect towards women by posting these fliers at your school, health centers,
local shops, or workplace.

2. Start a gender themed book club with friends or members of your community. One great pick is “I am Malala” (“Yo Soy Malala”).

3. Give a talk about the importance and meaning of International Women’s Day at school, a health center, a youth group, or at the maternal shelter. See some project ideas here.

4. If you’re a PCV, try to incorporate a gender component into your regularly scheduled class about business, English, health, or the environment.

5. Invite a friend to go on a walk or jog in your community, and talk about women’s issues along the way.

6. Hashtag your activism with #BeBoldForChange on Twitter or Facebook.

7. Show a film or make a presentation about an inspirational woman. If possible, choose a woman who is still working towards gender equality today, to show what women are capable of in today’s world.

8. PCVs: Celebrate women’s achievements by interviewing a woman or girl from your site for the GAD photo collection! (See below for further instructions!)

Click here for more information on the history of International Women’s Day:

Theme of International Women’s Day 2017: “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2013.”

GAD Photo Collection:
We want as many PCVs as possible to submit a photograph of a woman or girl from their community to be part of a collection of photographs. All you need to do is talk to a female you think is a good role model, has an interesting story, or is just great. Ask her some brief questions, send us the answers and a photograph of her that you think reflects who she is and what makes her awesome! Before interviewing her, ask her if she’s OK with being in a Facebook photo album with one of her answers as the caption. Explain that we want to celebrate women and girls from all over Nicaragua as a celebration of International Women’s Day.

Potential Script to use with your mujer inspiradora:

Explain the significance of International Women’s Day:

“El Día Internacional de la Mujer es una fecha que se celebra en muchos países del mundo. Cuando las mujeres de todos los continentes, a menudo separadas por fronteras nacionales y diferencias étnicas, lingüísticas, culturales, económicas y políticas, se unen para celebrar su día, pueden contemplar una tradición de no menos de noventa años de lucha en pro de la igualdad, la justicia, la paz y el desarrollo.”

More information on the history of International Women’s Day (in Spanish).

In-site project: Mujeres Inspiradoras de Nicaragua

El Comité de Género y Desarrollo del Cuerpo de Paz está realizando una actividad en honor del Día Internacional de la Mujer. Estamos entrevistando mujeres inspiradoras a través de Nicaragua y recopilando las entrevistas, junto con una foto de cada mujer, para un álbum de Facebook que publicará el 8 de marzo.

Usted ha sido una mujer inspiradora en mi vida y me gustaría entrevistarle para esta actividad. La entrevista es muy breve, no más de dos o tres preguntas, y su foto además de su entrevista publicarán por Facebook el 8 de marzo. Le gustaría participar y celebrar mujeres poderosas de Nicaragua?

Potential Interview Questions (feel free to record their answers then write them up after):

¿Para usted, que significa ser mujer?
¿Qué fue un reto que usted pudo superar como mujer?
¿Por qué cree que el Día Internacional de la Mujer es importante?
¿Qué le hace orgullosa ser mujer?
¿Qué le hace una mujer poderosa?
¿Cómo ha roto estereotipos de género y roles de género para lograr sus metas?

Submit the photo and interview to elizhann@gmail.com by March 8.

On March 7, 8, and 9 we will update the Facebook album and tag each PCV in the album, then you can tag the woman you interviewed if she has Facebook. The idea is for both Americans and Nicaraguans to see the album, and to read and see what makes women so strong and incredible.

Elizabeth Hannah
Peace Corps Nicaragua Health 65
GAD Committee Member


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