Introducing Campamento Mi Momento

We have some terrific news: This month, GAD Nicaragua is partnering with the Global Orphanage Foundation to host our first ever Campamento Mi Momento – a sister camp to GLOW for young women from orphanages across Nicaragua. It will be the first time we have partnered with an outside organization to use our Camp GLOW/CHACA curriculum to empower girls outside the traditional family setting. We’re excited about the possibilities and opportunities to come.

To read more about our partnership and Campamento Mi Momento, we invite you to check out this page by the Global Orphanage Foundation. As always, we’ll keep you posted on our progress and share some of the stories from camp with you in the months to come.

Emily Nilsen
Peace Corps Nicaragua TEFL 64
GAD Committee Co-chair
Read more about Emily’s Peace Corps service on her personal blog: May We Suggest.

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