Congratulations, Welcome, and an Invitation: GAD Update June 2016

With our 2nd Annual Camp CHACA right around the corner, new committee members, and a new opportunity for PCVs to work towards gender equality to share, GAD is feeling quite excited about the upcoming months.

In order to reach our vision of a world where Power, Respect, and Opportunity are no longer Gendered, we need passionate individuals and groups actively working to reduce inequalities, bridge differences, and broaden understandings. We’re proud of the groups of PCVs who are doing just that and want to invite you to further participate in the work of gender and development in your site and beyond.


As we’ve mentioned, GAD is trying a new structure to our gender camp staffing, in which a small planning team* works on the bulk of the camp using the institutional knowledge of GAD, and the rest of the counselor team is made up of PCVs who apply who are not currently on the GAD committee. We’d like to introduce the CHACA PCV Staff to you:

Polly Wiltz HE65, Laura Linde ENV66, Elizabeth Hannah* HE65, Emily Nilsen* TEFL64, CJ Sanchez ENV66, Freddy Terrazas HE65, Liz Saccoccia ENV64, Justine LaVoye* HE65, Andrew Nilsen TEFL64, and Ethan Parsons* HE65

Congratulations to the PCVs chosen to be counselors at Camp CHACA!

A Hearty Welcome

Additionally, we’d like to offer another round of congratulations and a huge welcome to our newly elected GAD members. Look to these leaders to be reaching out in the future as we try to expand GAD’s reach beyond gender camps:

Lindsay Slautterback ENV66, CJ Sanchez ENV66, Kelsey Schrenk TEFL66, Laura Linde ENV66, and Lindsay Nason EEP65

An Invitation to PCVs

If your application wasn’t selected to be a counselor at CHACA or a member of the GAD committee, don’t be discouraged. Due to the wonders of the internet and the generosity of the Global Orphanage Foundation, for the first time we will be hosting a 2nd Camp GLOW in a year in late October/early November. Keep your eyes on our blog and your emails, because as with CHACA, we will be opening up the staffing to all interested PCVs to apply and help young girls experience the joy and power that is women’s empowerment.

Emily Nilsen
Peace Corps Nicaragua TEFL 64
GAD Committee Co-Chair
Read more about Emily’s Peace Corps service on her personal blog: May We Suggest.

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