Attention Nica PCVs: CHACA 2016 Camper Applications Due May 15th!

Dear Fellow PCVs,


Peace Corps Gender and Development (GAD) Committee will be holding the 2nd Annual Camp CHACA (“De Chaválos a Caballeros”) in the Tisey Reserve, south of Esteli from July 2nd to 6th, 2016 at Eco Posada Tisey. The camp will focus on developing healthy communication skills, the prevention of violence, and leadership.


Applications and permission slips will be due Sunday, May 15th, 2016. All boys ages 14-18 are encouraged to apply.

Download the CHACA 2016 Camper Application here.

Applications need to be scanned/photographed and sent to Liz Hannah, HE 65 (elizhann at  Physical copies of the application will not be accepted; if you are in the office with the physical copy, simply scan it using a Peace Corps scanner, and email. Hold on to the permission slip portion of the application to give to the selected campers for when they travel to the camp.  Questions? Call Liz Hannah at 5799-3686.


Participation is open to any Nicaraguan youth male who meets the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates role-model qualities
  • Is between 14 and 18 years of age

Each participant will need to pay a non-refundable fee of c$100 to save their spot, which must be turned in to their respective PCV. This c$100 is not for their transport. Transport to the camp will be reimbursed to the youth during camp, meaning the youth will need to front the money for their initial transport to camp. Their return transport will also be given to them during the camp.  All meals and lodging are provided.

When talking to youth and their parents about Camp CHACA, please make it clear that the youth will never travel alone to or from the camp; a Peace Corps Volunteer will escort them at all times. If parents are nervous about sending their sons to a camp they aren’t familiar with, please direct their questions to us!

You may nominate up to 4 boys from your community! We ask that when you nominate more than one youth that you fill in the “RANK” box at the top of the application, putting 1 for the applicant you most want to attend, 2 for second, etc. to make known your personal opinion of the best qualified nominees.


We will contact you about which participants were selected before Friday, June 3rd and you will need to help them in preparing to come to camp and help them raise the c$100 and initial transportation cost. Money will be due by Saturday June 18th.

The general information and camp norms are included on the first page of the application and should be retained by the applicant for their information.  Only the second and third pages need to be turned in.


PCVs are essential to the success of Camp CHACA. If youth from your community are selected to participate you will be our primary point of contact throughout the process. You will be responsible for:

  • Making sure applications and copy of permission slips are turned in and complete
  • Ranking your nominations
  • Collecting non-refundable C$100 (fundraising with the boys if need be) and turning it in by Saturday June 18th.
  • Finding a replacement if your camper drops out
  • Holding on to permission slips (until travel day) because the campers will need a hard copy of parental permission
  • Accompanying your selected boys to central meeting point before camp
  • Supporting a project led by boys after camp in your community
  • Communicating with your selected camper(s), Liz Hannah and rest of GAD Committee

*NOTE*: Unfortunately, PCVs who nominate youth will not be able to participate in Camp CHACA with their youth. Your role is primarily the support you provide for the selection process, travel, and post-camp community projects. However, this is a great opportunity to have youth leaders who are motivated to collaborate with you on future projects!


This year for Camp CHACA, the GAD committee released an application and selected several PCVs from outside GAD to be counselors at CHACA. Congratulations to Freddy Terrazas, Polly Wiltz, CJ Sanchez, Andrew Nilsen, Liz Saccoccia, and Laura Linde who will be joining the planning committee of Emily Nilsen, Liz Hannah, Justine Lavoye, and Ethan Parsons at Camp CHACA 2016!

If you have interest in being a counselor at future GAD camps, we encourage you to apply! Look out for opportunities for camps coming in September 2016 and early 2017.


Thank you very much for helping making Camp CHACA a fun and positive experience in Nicaragua!  Make sure that you don’t let your youth miss this amazing opportunity, there are only 55 spots, so get them in as soon as possible. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and family situations, and hope to receive applications from as many departments as possible!

Please feel free to contact Liz Hannah (elizhann at / 5799-3686), with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

– Liz Hannah, HE 65

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