Wanna be a camp counselor? GAD Update: March 2016

If you’re a PCV in Nicaragua but not on the GAD committee, I can imagine that you’re wondering why you would even read this update. Sure, GAD does cool camps like Camp GLOW and CHACA, but what does that have to do with me?


In order to reach our vision of a world where power, respect, and opportunity are no longer gendered, we need passionate individuals and groups actively working to reduce inequalities, bridge differences, and broaden understandings. We want to help you do just that.

This July break for Camp CHACA (July 2-6), the GAD Committee is piloting a new structure for staffing its gender equality camps. The planning team will be made up of a small amount of GAD members, but the majority of the counselors will be PCVs from outside of the committee.   Counselors will be selected through an application process. We are piloting this new staffing structure because:

  • We want to include more volunteers in the important work of gender equality
  • Activities and trainings from the camp can be adapted and brought back to site
  • Let’s be honest, camp is the best!

So if you love camp, have a passion for gender equality, and want to be a part of helping young Nicaraguan men challenge their current understanding of gender roles and to be positive role models in their respective communities, apply to be a camp counselor at CHACA 2016. Counselor applications are due March 21, 2016.

In order to combat the cycle of gender inequality, both women and men must learn about harmful gender roles and how to address them. Be a part of building a more equitable world.

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