Life after GLOW!

It’s been almost two months since Camp GLOW, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been taking a break from creating a brighter future for girls in Nicaragua. In fact, one of the most important parts of camp GLOW is the expectation that campers will share the experiences from camp in their home communities around Nicaragua. So what have Camp GLOW participants been up to in the past few months? Here is a look at just a couple of the GLOW-Inspired projects taking place in communities all across Nicaragua.

Somoto, Madriz

But really, the bulletin board was huge. Elena, Heydis, and Sorangel were inspired to write a poem that focuses on issues surrounding HIV! Watch it here. They also worked together to create a bulletin board in honor of International Women’s Day. They presented their poem and their bulletin board in front of their entire school. Watch the performance of their poem  here!

San Isidro, Matagalpa

Alexa showed a documentary on teen pregnancy and violence against women to girls in her community ages 12-16. After, she led the group in a discussion on why teen pregnancy happens. They discussed the stages of violence. It turned out to be a really eye opening experience for most of the girls and most of the girls learned definitions of violence they had never been aware of before.

Terrabona, MatagalpaIMG_0429

Jesseyling is teaching a series of charlas to the girls’ soccer team in Terrabona on life goals, positive communication, and team building. She has found a great way to combine different physical, mental, and social health all at once!

These are just a few of the stories of the inspiring projects girls who have attended Camp GLOW bring back to their communities. We are happy to see GLOW making an impact that extends far beyond the 60 girls who attended that one week in February.

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