Boys camp, Camp GLOW and committee updates

Above: Camp GLOW team 2015 at the follow-up meeting! (not pictured: Jennifer R and Chin youth facilitators)

Last week the GAD committee met in Managua with counterparts from PLAN Nicaragua to review how Camp GLOW 2015 went and what can be done better in the future. The meeting was a great chance to reflect, make plans, and be thankful for what an amazing, collaborative, resourceful, and motivated team we had working together this year.

After talking about GLOW, the GAD members had a chance to discuss other business. Here’s a couple updates from the committee:

Get ready for Camp CHACA! (Chavalos a Caballeros) 

This new initiative to hold a camp for young boys will be taking place April 30th-May 5th. Applications are due March 27th so get on it!!! Questions? Reach out to the Camp CHACA Planning Committee member nearest you!:

Chris Shepperd, HE63. Rivas.
David Tekle, HE61. Chinandega.
James Younger, HE58. Chinandega.
Monica Paulson, HE61. RAAS.
Patrick Welsh, HE61. Chinandega.
Tim Kruth, HE63. RAAS.
Zach Kiefer, HE63. Estelí.

GAD Committee will be accepting new applicants in the next few months!

With a solid group of volunteers leaving from 61 (and 58!), GAD will be looking for some new, motivated, creative individuals to join the team from Nica 63 and 64! If you’re interested, reach out to a current member with any questions or doubts!

Congratulations to Tim and Ilana, new GAD co-chairs!

After a year of diligently serving the committee as co-chairs, Isabel (HE 61) and Alba (TEFL 60) have passed the torch to Tim (HE 63) and Ilana (HE 61) — we know that they, as well as everyone on the committee, will do a great job to expand GAD’s impact and work for gender equality across the country.

Questions or comments? Please contact us at 


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