Day 1: Welcome to Camp!

Over the course of the afternoon, young girls, Peace Corps Volunteers, and PLAN Nicaragua counterparts arrived to the camp site at Vida Joven, tucked high in the mountains of Jinotega. The early arrivers passed the time playing sports and getting to know Vida Joven until everyone was finally there at 4:30.

We initiated camp with a Welcome Ceremony where we applauded the girls for traveling so far and away from their families in order to participate in GLOW, introduced the counselors, and discussed some rules and expectations for the camp. Each girl also received a backpack with a notebook and water bottle, which we promptly wrote names on.

When that was done, we had a delicious dinner of gallo pinto and chicken before playing various rounds of ice breakers, directed by the youth facilitators from Chinandega.

Our first night at camp closed at 9pm, and lights were out by 10pm. After the long, long day of travels, most girls (and us counselors too!) were really ready for a night of sleep to prepare them for the first full day of camp to come!

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