Planning and Preparations

As we approach Camp GLOW 2015, 65 girls are packing their bags, preparing for a week of new experiences, and getting excited to see another part of the country. Our PLAN Nicaragua counterparts are preparing for the sessions they will give and putting final touches on presentations with youth health promoters from their areas. Finally, Peace Corps volunteers on the GAD (Gender and Development)committee are buying last minute materials, verifying bus routes, and preparing their own presentations for the week of camp. 1422923836

Before we even begin a week of adventure with these girls, we would like to thank all of our donors for helping us to get these 65 girls to camp. We had an incredible amount of support in the U.S. and in Nicaragua, for which we cannot express enough gratitude.

During the five days and four nights of camp, girls will have the opportunity to open up about issues that affect them — such as teenage pregnancy and peer pressure. They will also experience new activities such as canoeing, hiking in the cloud forest, and exploring a labyrinth. Each evening, the girls will have the opportunity to participate in different craft activities, sports and games, or dancing. With four days packed full of activities, this week is sure to be an incredible step in these girls’ lives.

Please stay tuned during the week to hear from the girls about their time at Camp GLOW!



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