Camp GLOW Follow-Up Projects!

The camp itself was a huge success and a fun opportunity for the girls, Volunteers and Nicaraguan organizations that participated. Motivated girls were given a chance to work with volunteers in their community to do a follow-up project. There were 22 girls who ended up taking part in a project, which is huge considering that there were just over 60 campers! We thought we’d talk a bit about what each girl did, as it’s an accomplishment worth recognizing.

Alba worked with girls in San Lucas and in Palacagüina, Madriz. From Palacagüina was Alihoska. She wanted to give a class on Adolescent Pregnancy to her 10th grade class. The talk focused on the economic consequences of children – something that everyone can tangibly understand! In the end they also discussed all types of birth control, from the IUD to abstinence. Additionally this 10th grade class will be called upon to prepare and deliver this same talk to the rest of their school, which is very exciting.


In San Lucas Sinai and Katarin paired up to give a class on the same subject, but with 6th graders, so they didn’t talk about birth control methods, but did stress that though a girl may be capable of having children, it does not mean that she is physically, emotionally, or economically ready.

Camp GLOW Follow-Up Projects!

Now we move to Nueva Guinea, where Isabel worked with two girls, Amy and Ignasis to give a talk on sexual health including topics on teenage pregnancy, STI’s, and HIV/AIDS. This was an active session, and the kids paid great attention to their peer facilitators and participated without hesitation.

Camp GLOW Follow-Up Projects! Camp GLOW Follow-Up Projects! Camp GLOW Follow-Up Projects!

On the Island of Ometepe Christhell gave a talk on Adolescent pregnancy to a Youth Group in her community – 12 young men and women aged 12-24. She encouraged the youth to share the information with the rest of the community and hopes to continue working in a facilitator role. No photos provided.

Jennifer in La Paz Centro, Leon, worked alongside Debbie, who gave a talk to a 5th grade class in her school on Self-Esteem. Debbie planned and executed the entire 1 1/2 hour session all by herself. Debbie also expressed interest in helping Jennifer with further classes and workshops.


In Camoapa, Boaco,  Yariana and Stefany presented on the theme of Abstinence and Teenage Pregnancy to a youth group of girls aged 12-14. They discussed physical and economic consequences, and how their educational futures would be effected. Both girls hope to continue facilitating activities with this same youth group.

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Up North in Nueva Segovia, Alexa worked with three girls in her community on a charla on HIV prevention. Elvia, Seylin, and Yorlenis presented an episode of a rural television series called Loma Verde and then discussed it with a group of young people over age 12. At the end of the event, the audience expressed interest in seeing other chapters of the same series.

A group of 6 girls worked together in Pantasma, Jinotega to put together a class on Teenage Pregnancy. They talked about Familial disownment, pressure from partners, and loss of friendship in a small skit that had an inter-active aspect to it – the class could help guide decisions that the characters made.  As a review, they played musical chairs and had questions for those that didn’t find a seat.

Camp GLOW Follow-Up Projects! Camp GLOW Follow-Up Projects!

Talia, a volunteer in a municipality of Estelí, worked with 4 girls to create a compilation of poems, spoken word, as well as a skit all surrounding the theme of Domestic Violence. They were presented to the high-school community that studies on Sundays.

Camp GLOW Follow-Up Projects!

This year was a great exploration of how to get young girls more involved in their communities as peer educators, and empowering them to be creative.  I imagine next year will be more of the same, and better still as we are learning how best to share information, facilitate discussions, and encourage sustainability. Camp GLOW is a special event and will hopefully be present in Nicaragua for many years to come. Thanks girls, thanks Volunteers, thanks everyone!!

To learn more about Camp GLOW and how you can support our efforts, visit the Nica Camp GLOW blog

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