Camp GLOW 2014: Day 4

On the final morning, we enjoyed a pancake breakfast and the company of our new friends. All of the girls were given Camp GLOW T-shirts to have as a keepsake. We headed to the auditorium for one final session where the Plan facilitators discussed the “Proyecto de Vida” (life project) and the importance of goal setting. Each girl established a specific goal they wanted to achieve over the course of the upcoming years and drafted a plan for how she was going to achieve that goal.

The Peace Corps Volunteers then instructed the girls about their “homework” assignment to complete. With the Peace Corps Volunteers in their perspective communities, the girls were assigned to facilitate an activity to show their communities what they learned during Camp GLOW. The girls brainstormed different activities which included facilitating a lesson in their schools, making an educational bulletin board in their health centers and visiting their local Casa Materna (maternity home). Corps Nicaragua is very grateful for the tremendous support from our Nicaraguan and U.S. donors. We look forward to continuing the tradition for many years to come! 


– Alba, TEFL 60

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