NGO Highlight: Pro-Mujer

According to their website Pro-Mujer is “una organización de desarrollo de la mujer que proporciona a las mujeres de bajos recursos de América Latina los medios para generarse el sustento y labrar de un futuro para sus familias a través de las microfinanzas, la capacitación en negocios y el apoyo en salud.”

As mentioned in the description, Pro-Mujer focuses on three fundamental pillars: micro-credit, workshops, and health. Concentrating on different areas of certain departments, Pro-Mujer works with groups of 10-15 socios (only 1 of which can be a male in each group) between the ages of 18 to 65 to have monthly meetings where the women receive or make loan payments and participate in workshops. These workshops are often topics of small business management, but can also be about healthy lifestyles, VIH/SIDA, etc.

For every 10 socios, 1 can be looking to use credit to start a business of some sort. The rest must be established, whether that means selling posiclesor Avon, running a panadería or working as a costurera. Once participants have closed the first loan cycle, which has more restrictions on what the funds can be used for, subsequent loans are more open for things like building onto a house.
Pro-Mujer has been in Nicaragua for 17 years and has offices in various departments. Departmental offices often attend to municipalities in surrounding departments, so contact the office nearest you if you have interest in collaborating with them on workshops or connecting them with a group of women you work with.
Milton Sobalvarro, the generte centro focal Estelí, expressed that Pro-Mujer is available to attend ferias hosted in municipalities in their area. They will come with their toldo, pamphlets, and representatives from their office to share information about the services Pro-Mujer has to offer.
For more information, check out their website at (Nicaragua specific website here: or call or visit the office nearest you!
  • León (oficina nacional)
    Parque San Juan, estatua de la Madre, 4 c. abajo
    2311-0452 // 2311-2771
  • Chinandega
    Centro de atención 1:
    Panadería Morelia 75 varas al sur
    Centro de atención 2:
    Iniser 25 varas al oeste
  • Somotillo, Chinandega
    Semáforos del mercado, 1.5 cuadra al norte
  • Masaya
    Centro de atención 1:
    Entrada central, de la Curacao 2 c. al sur
    Centro de atención 2:
    Parque central, de Citi Bank 50 metros al oeste
  • Managua
    Centro de atención 1:
    Donde fue la clínica Sta María 2 c. al sur
    Centro de atención 2:
    Agrocentro 7 sur, 30 varas abajao
  • Matagalpa
    Detrás de la Iglesia San José
  • Estelí
    De donde fue tienda mil colores 2 c. al este, 10 varas al norte

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